Anna-Louise Moule 

Anna-Louise Moule is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Anna has a particular interest in working with students to them find balance in their bodies through movement.  Anna believes in the power of movement to build a healthy body and mind- and for prevention of physical and mental health issues.

In addition, Anna preaches early intervention and ultimately in a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. She specialises in the management of chronic conditions through exercise and lifestyle management. She uses evidence based practice to translate the latest research and guidelines to practical exercise strategies for the prevention and management of chronic conditions such as cancer, metabolic conditions (diabetes, PCOS), cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and recovery from common musculoskeletal injuries.

Anna also has strong interest in the use of Pilates and strength and conditioning principles to prevent sporting injuries and improve athletic performance. Anna enjoys seeing the transformation in her clients and the impact small changes can have on their health and lifestyle.

In her spare time you will see Anna pounding the pavement through the cooler months, training for a half marathon or marathon. In summer she’s ready for a splash in the pool or surf training for ocean swims. Anna’s vision is to help individuals achieve their daily dose of movement and loves getting active throughout her week by mixing it up to fit in with her lifestyle and stay motivated.