Ashleigh Brunner

Ashleigh Brunner is an experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian and the owner of Body Fusion with multiple clinics in Sydney. She works closely with many students to help them understand the exciting potential of food to enhance cognition, stabalise mood and increase attention and memory.
Ashleigh believes maintaining a healthy relationship with food is paramount, even in times of stress and enjoys providing creative and practical solutions to encourage positive health and academic outcomes.
Having trained formally in presenting, Ashleigh is a skilful and engaging speaker.  She lectured at the Fitness Institute of Australia and the Australian College of Physical Education and continues to offer up to date, trustworthy nutrition information to groups of all sizes & ages.  In the last few years Ashleigh has worked extensively with ballet and  performing arts studios across Sydney.  Speaking in schools, Ashleigh’s main focus is to maximise students cognition and facilitate a positive relationship with food.

Ashleigh regularly writes for the media and local community, advocating balanced nutrition. She has contributed media articles on topics such as weight loss, healthy snacking, IBS, gluten intolerance, binge drinking and sports nutrition in local newspapers, magazines and online.

Being an ardent cook you’ll often find Ashleigh in the kitchen during her spare time. She has a wealth of knowledge about food products and enjoys developing healthy menus for individuals and organisations.